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Minutes with the Lord, still images of Bible verse(s) showcased in graphics, with commentary by a church member are done on Facebook occasionally, stored in the linked Facebook photo album above and featured in the slideshow below. We also have in our Facebook photo albums our former God's Word in Graphics ministry, Daily Bites of God's Word (The first of 3 sets of these is linked below). All Bible verse graphics, both Minutes with the Lord and Daily Bites of God's Word are made available for sharing/download through our Facebook albums with those names. We invite you to share these to family and friends, anywhere on Facebook or on the web!

Shown below is a video sampling of our original God's Word in still graphics, Daily Bites of God's Word. Please click on the F to go where that video is originally posted on our church Facebook page to read the comments. Close that tab to come back here. We hope you enjoy and share our online publications of God's Word in these unique formats.